Is Hamster a Good Pet for Kids?

Is your kiddo asking for a pet? Maybe a pooch or feline or even a horse? Or on the other hand possibly it's a hamster.

Is Hamster a Good Pet for Kids?

A hamster is a work of art. At whatever point you are thinking about carrying a pet into the family, it's critical to do intensive research and comprehend the sort of care the pet requires.

A pet isn't a thing or a toy. It is a living being that relies upon us for endurance and requires our steadfast responsibility. They can bring such a great amount of satisfaction to us and to our youngsters, as long as we recognize what we're getting into.

Do hamsters make great pets for kids? 

Hamsters are once in a while alluded to as "starter pets," suggesting that they are some way or another less significant and to a lesser extent a responsibility than felines and hounds and different creatures.

Actually, when I initially composed this article as a patron at Brie Blooms, I alluded to hamsters as "starter pets." An associate of mine, Emmy the Pet Sitter, sympathetically proposed that we expel the expression "starter pet" from our language, and I could see her point.

All pets require care and are significant. Regardless of whether you worship a tarantula, hamster, or horse, they are all "pets." Emmy knows a mess about hamsters and, tragically, as of late lost her dearest hamster, Winnie. Tear, Winnie, and an uncommon thank you to Emmy for her direction on this article.

When thinking about carrying a hamster into the family, I feel that there are three fundamental regions that should be thought of: cost, care, and prize.


Moderately, hamsters are modest pets to keep. The vast majority of the cost will be forthright in buying the hamster's condition and its nourishment. Continuous expenses incorporate sheet material and nourishment.

Veterinary consideration is anything but a major factor except if something turns out badly wellbeing savvy.

Most hamsters are bought when they are youthful in pet stores, yet hamster salvages do exist (they may charge an expense). I'm constantly an adherent to safeguarding as opposed to purchasing, if conceivable.

The sum you spend can shift, contingent upon the enclosure you pick and what number of toys you buy. Confines can be straightforward one-level structures, or you may decide on a luxurious, staggered chateau.

Continuously ensure that your hamster has a lot of space to meander and exercise.


  • ventilated hamster confine (not an aquarium) 
  • bedding 
  • settling structure 
  • wheel 
  • ball 
  • toys 
  • water bottle 
  • nourishment 
  • treats 

Most pet stores will convey a hamster starter pack which will incorporate the vast majority of the abovementioned.


Hamsters are genuinely low support contrasted with different pets, yet it is essential that their needs be met. Care incorporates the accompanying:

Nourishment and WATER: Water ought to be changed every day, and nourishment levels checked and recharged varying.


Hamsters are dynamic little folks, and require a lot of activity. This can be as a hamster wheel inside the enclosure, and it's likewise amusing to buy a hamster ball so your pet can investigate outside the confine, yet still be sheltered.


Hamsters lick and bite on pretty much everything, so it's essential to their wellbeing to keep up a spotless confine. Week by week exhaustive confine cleanings (with complete sheet material change) are suggested.

Make certain to utilize pet safe (we lean toward substance free) cleaning items. We love PL360 and Melaleuca.

Association: Though it's best not to house various hamsters together, they are very social with people and require every day play time and consideration so as to be cheerful and sound.


While picking a pet, it's imperative to consider what the pet can add to your life, something that is particularly significant while thinking about a pet for a youngster.

What would hamsters be able to add to your kid's life?

• they are perky and fun

• once agreeable, they appreciate being held and played with

• they are extraordinary colleagues and can help with confidence

What are the advantages and disadvantages? 

Similarly as with any pet, having a pet hamster has advantages and disadvantages. A few focuses even cover the two classifications.


• they can be subdued, and become very cherishing and social

• they love to play, and they are amusing to observe

• they are genuinely low support, yet fulfilling

• they are moderately cheap

• they show youngsters obligation

• they don't occupy a great deal of room

• they are nighttime: if not irritated by the clamor, kids report that they assist them with having a sense of safety and less desolate around evening time

• they have a short future (2-3 years), so they are not as quite a bit of a responsibility as some different pets


they can take a little while to tame, and can be sketchy until they are OK with you

• week after week confine cleanings

• they can nibble, particularly before restrained or in the event that you intrude on their rest

• they may (it will happen in the long run) crap and pee on you when you hold them

• they are hard to track down on the off chance that they getaway, and they should be avoided pooches and felines and different pets who may harm them

• they are nighttime: if your kid is troubled by wheel-running and chewing in the night, it may be an issue

• they have a short future (2-3 years)

Hamsters and children: the main concern 

As I would see it, hamsters make phenomenal pets for school-matured kids (six and up). At that age, they can pretty much enjoy a hamster without anyone else, however, at last, guardians need to ensure appropriate consideration is kept up.

A kid more youthful than six will be unable to deal with a hamster appropriately, as they require a delicate touch and a steady hold.

Hamsters make incredible pets for school-matured youngsters in light of the fact that however they are low support, they are overly amusing to play with and watch and are very intelligent with individuals and their condition.

Hamsters are a heap of fun. On the off chance that your kid is prepared for the responsibility and the consideration just as the affection, take the plunge!


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